Fear of failure spurs Shaun Edwards

sport-graphics-2008_690546aThere have been a couple of buzzwords about rugby lately that have been curiously unavoidable. They have popped up in discussions on England, been central to observations on Wales, Matt Dawson was on national radio emphatically announcing their value and Danny Cipriani, England’s putative No 10, couldn’t stop talking about them. The words “Shaun” and “Edwards” just keep cropping up.

Perhaps Kenny Logan, the former Scotland international and Wasp, provided the most moving tribute. “Shaun’s amazing. When I first met him I thought: ‘this guy needs shooting. He’s off his head.’ But within six weeks I respected him as much as any coach I’d ever met.” It made you wonder what this former rugby league idol could possibly have done to attract so much unbridled acclaim. Best to have a look for yourself. At first sight, you are shaking hands with someone tough, broad and bald, whose teeth have been moved in mysterious ways.

Actually, not so mysterious.

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